Our 20-year experience of fluid dynamics simulations

The success of our customers is our priority and we strive to provide a high quality service. Our experience on hundreds of successful projects will make you achieve your goals. The range of applications in which the company has incorporated its business is very wide. A team of professionals and experts carefully manages the needs of the customer ensuring specialist advice. The services offered are constantly expanding and constantly improving, with the aim of ensuring the certainty of the highest quality, of solutions always at the forefront, and a time-to-cost ratio in line with the needs of the market.

Our experience

ENGINTEC S.p.A. has extensive experience in computational fluid dynamics in many areas of the energy industry and beyond.

In particular, we developed CFD analyses for:

  • Gas turbines
  • Hydraulic turbines
  • Incinerators
  • Burners and combustion chambers
  • Industrial Boilers
  • Combustion torches
  • Valves
  • Components for Trains and Automotive

If you need a reliable service for study, analysis and numerical simulations, training and consulting, staffing, analysis and investigations into the causes of failure of your plants, our engineers are ready to work with you to help you achieve your goal in a short time.

Modus Operandi

We work to understand your needs and evaluate how we can help you in the process of achieving your goals. We treat our customers as partners and, therefore, we will keep you constantly updated on the progress of your project, suggesting solutions and sharing new ideas with you. Working in such a synergy we aim to develop a lasting relationship and a common know-how.

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