Customized solutions for sourcing spare parts

In a corporate atmosphere where pressure on cost rationalization is increasing, we offer industrial customers various opportunities to manage their supplies and supply chains for maintenance, repair and end-to-end operations in a cost-effective way.


We provide an integrated set of turbine parts, supply services and constantly strive to lower total sourcing costs and meet the highest quality assurance standards and ensure timely delivery of Parts. All of our models and contracts are customized to meet the needs of customers covering the entire flow from order to delivery.

All of our models are value-based. In order to reduce the high costs of spot buying practices, customers have a unique opportunity to benefit from our long-term pricing agreements with guaranteed delivery times based on an accurate assessment of overall spending best benchmarks and industry practices. Our ability to adapt services and rates to the needs and demands of each plant helps to achieve optimized cost and performance benefits.

New and Refurbished Capital Spares

In addition to providing new components, we can renew the parts used through our suppliers, offering convenient options in line with your operational needs and project deadlines.

Supply Chain Management

To meet individual business challenges, we integrate global capabilities with leading suppliers to provide a range of maintenance services for gas turbines, steam turbines, generators, compressors, and plant balancing.

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