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In Europe, a third of global energy consumption and, consequently, CO2 emissions from fossil fuels are linked to the construction sector.
For this reason, reducing the energy consumption of existing buildings is crucial, together we are constantly leading new building projects towards a decrease in fossil fuel consumption.

What technologies?

The technologies and design skills to design and build innovative buildings are now clear:

  • The principles of sustainable and bioclimatic design should be followed with an integrated approach between the architectural and engineering component.
  • Dynamic simulation software should be used for energy design
  • The building must be compact and oriented in order to optimize the influence of the Sun
  • The casing (walls, floors and fixtures) must be very insulated and shaded to avoid heat loss and overheating respectively
  • Plants must operate at low temperature (condensation boilers and heat pumps)
  • Renewable energy plants (photovoltaic panels and solar panels for thermal use) should be installed
  • Energy consumption needs to be monitored constantly

From the Smart City to the Smart Home, in recent years construction has also experienced the digital evolution, which has paved the way for more and more innovations that can make buildings more and more attentive to energy savings and people’s comfort. This is where the Smart Building, a smart and connected building, comes from.
The need to design and build smart buildings depends on the need to reduce energy consumption and environmental impacts, but it also represents the possibility of offering users very high levels of comfort.


ENGINTEC S.p.A. provides a specialized approach to:

  • Passive and low-emission buildings
  • Energy certification of buildings
  • Energy audits and diagnostics
  • Building System Optimization – Plant
  • Integration of energy-efficient facilities with private and service buildings
  • Optimizing the production cycle and reducing energy consumption in the industrial field

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