Fire prevention experts

ENGINTEC S.p.A. provides advice on fire-fighting systems, on the one hand through the procedure based on standard project criteria and on the other with the evaluation of plant performance based on advanced simulation tools.

Fire-fighting design with RTV and/or RTO

Fire-fighting design at the Provincial Fire Department Commands for activities equipped with RTV – Vertical Technical Rule and for others without which the RTO Fire Prevention Code applies – Horizontal Technical Rule.

Our technicians have over-20 experience in designing:

  • Buildings of civil dwellings
  • Heat production plants
  • Public and private garages
  • Public entertainment venues (ballrooms, theatres and cinemas)
  • Sports
  • Fuel deposits and mineral oils
  • Fuel refueling stations for self-driving cars
  • Hospitals and nursing homes
  • Offices and similar
  • Miscellaneous goods depots
  • Workshops
  • Typography and lithographs

ENGINTEC S.p.A. provides a Fire Safety Engineering approach that is based on predicting the dynamics of a fire by applying special fire simulation models (es CFD Fire Simulation), based on laws of physics and chemistry, which govern this phenomenon. The ESF’s objective is therefore to provide precise quantitative assessments to assess the effectiveness of firefighting measures and planned emergency management.

Designing fire-fighting systems

Our experts are able to provide design and direction services for both manual and automatic fire prevention systems.

  • Hydrant and naspi plants
  • Detection and fire alarm systems
  • Automatic shutdown systems
  • Suppression plants

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