Lightning and Electrical specialists

The specialized technical know-how in the various areas of general plant design of ENGINTEC S.p.A. allows us to place us on the market as a leader of the design of complex electrical and special systems, putting a particular focus on using the latest technological innovations in the sector, to ensure maximum operational efficiency and easy and economical post-testing maintenance.

Thanks to our multi-disciplinary system we are able to analyze and verify structurally with the EFEM FEA finite elements method) and with the fluid dynamics CFD electrical panels and electrical booths, as well as components and appliances.


The electrical system is an indispensable infrastructure that allows you to distribute the electricity necessary for daily life or work activities within a building, an office or a Factory.

The design methodology of ENGINTEC S.p.A. offers the customer the best solutions for civil and special electrical systems.

Lighting design follows a rational approach that ensures the guarantee of the result; ENGINTEC S.p.A.’s design methodology suggests the steps to reach the solution.

Lighting design is considered a compendium between art and science capable of illuminating the human environment.

The lighting design includes photometric, ergonomic and energy aspects.

Design and consulting services:

  • Electrical system project (electric scheme, electrical panel, electrical connections, etc.)
  • Definition of electrical system cost
  • Electrical System Response Statement
  • Structural checks (FEM) and CFD analysis of electrical panels and cabs

Plant types

  • Civilian reader systems
  • Industrial electrical systems
  • Photovoltaic
  • Home systems and systems
  • CCTV and intrusion systems
  • Medium Voltage Cabins (MT)
  • Distribution panels in BT (Power Center), BT secondary panels
  • Privileged Lines, (UPS – Generator Groups)m Group Network Exchange Frameworks.
  • Ground and atmospheric discharge protection systems
  • General lighting and safety systems
  • Public lighting and relamping, lighting sports activities
  • ATEX plants with relative classification of areas with danger of explosion

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