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Accident investigations are often complicated by several factors, such as equipment complexity, material design and qualification, incomplete operational and maintenance logs. In addition, our engineering analysis is often required to pre-evaluate potential scenarios for future errors and damage.


Our main goal is to ensure the best continuity of operation and reliability of all the components that make up the plant.

In detail, our services include:

  • Fault documentation collection and inspection;
  • Evaluating component load status and projected maintenance duration;
  • Evaluation of the influence of particular exercise situations on mechanical integrity;
  • Analysis and risk assessment of operating conditions and causes;
  • Operational data verification and operational history evaluation;
  • Metallurgical analysis of the surfaces of the clique;
  • Metallurgical analysis of material structures;
  • Evaluation of material production and quality;
  • Analysis of the chemical composition of materials;
  • Investigation of protective coatings (corrosion and thermal);
  • Detailed reporting;
  • Reverse engineering;
  • Development and evaluation of repair and maintenance procedures and/or project optimization procedures.

Failure of components of an energy plant often leads to unpredictable long-lasting outages and, as a result, severe economic losses. Especially for newly designed components, a complete fault analysis is critical to a clear identification of the causes of the failure and their subsequent resolution, in order to restore a satisfactory reliability of Operation.


ENGINTEC S.p.A. combines its extensive knowledge and long experience in turbo machines and power generation plants with the opportunity to collaborate with modern national and international laboratories and partners. The application of modern numerical simulation methods also provides the ability to identify design improvements for existing faulty components. ENGINTEC S.p.A. has a proven knowledge of Siemens gas turbine and General Electric (GE) gas turbine technologies.

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