Our 20-year experience in the service of Cooling and Heating systems

Although the design of HVAC (Heat Ventilation, Air conditioning and Cooling) systems is based on technical issues (such as fluid dynamics and thermodynamics) that have been present for years in different fields of design, it is only recently that the demands market and regulatory regulations have pushed forward studies in this area.
ENGINTEC S.p.A., thanks to the more than twenty-year-experienced of designers, is able to provide complete projects of winter and summer air conditioning systems including all the necessary integration from a civil and architectural point of view.

Design and Analysis

We identify the best solution and contour conditions required during the feasibility study, the detail and executive design phase.

We draw up the technical and economic due diligence, with the aim of verifying and highlighting any critical issues regarding the business plan and the project, promoters, investors and financiers

We analyze and verify the proposals received by the customer, verifying the satisfaction of the technical requirements and economic aspects.

Heating and air conditioning environments – Hot water production for sanitary use – Pipes (gas, fumes, etc.) – Rainwater discharges and recovery – Green plants – Industrial refrigeration

Proposed plant solutions

ENGINTEC S.p.A. has extensive plant experience in various sectors:

  • Residence buildings (civil and rural dwellings, colleges, convents, penal houses, barracks, etc.)
  • Hospitals, clinics and nursing homes
  • School buildings of every order and grade
  • Buildings for productive activities (shops, shopping malls, etc.)
  • Accommodation activities (hotels, guesthouses, etc.)
  • Public and private offices
  • Public entertainment venues, bars and restaurants
  • Conference rooms and places of worship
  • Buildings and industrial activities

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