Our evolved approach to designing Technical Offers for Participation in Tenders

ENGINTEC S.p.A. specializes in the design of Technical Offers for participation in Tenders, in Italy and abroad, with a more cost-effective offer, for multi-service companies operating for public administrations and in public works.
Our long-standing experience and our work approach dedicated to the needs of the customer are our strengths.

Technical offers

ThenumerousTechnical Offers designed by ENGINTEC S.p.A. over the years, in different areas of intervention qualify our Company, specialized in Tenders for:

  • Hospitals
    Protected residences for the elderly and disabled
    Facilities used for welfare services

  • Constrained historic buildings
    Museum Facilities

  • Schools and school buildings of every order and grade

  • Multipurpose shopping centres

  • Sports facilities

  • Housing
    Public offices

  • Relamping public and private lighting

Our experience and our qualified staff are a pledge for our customers in this business which is a pure investment.

Preliminary analysis of the tender

Through a careful comprehensive analysis of the call, the tender discipline and the technical and administrative attachments we manage to calibrate the contents of the technical offer according to the scores that will be awarded.

Know how & Strategy

Our technical know-how ensures a study of technological solutions that maximizes the chances of awarding

Inspections & Technical Offer

Through the inspection activity, the analysis of the competitors and the wishes of the Contracting Station, we draw up the technical offer ensuring the right balance between costs and benefits, making the projects unique from the point of view of content and graphics output output.

Engagement & professionalism

The strong point is the respect of the timeframes imposed by the tender, thanks mainly to an improved working methodology over the years.

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