Project Description

The Villa Immacolata health facility provides services in hospital and/or residential care on a continuous and daytime basis in Via Monte Guano 1 in Genoa. The facility also has a heat and hot water plant with a combined potential of 545 kW, powered by methane gas with a density of less than 0.8 kW.

Within the activity there are:

  • 1 kitchen powered by methane gas with appliances with a potential of 47 kW;
  • 1 boiler for the production of sanitary hot water with a potential of 30 kW;
  • 1 lift/mountain with a run of less than 20 meters
  • 1 rescue generator group

ENGINTEC carried out the project to comply with fire prevention standards, the subsequent implementation of the adjustments by designing and verifying the plants:

  • electrical lighting and f.m.
  • fire detection
  • Naspi fire water
  • until the necessary fire-fighting permits are obtained for the entire health facility

Project Numbers

Area 4,235 sqm

Guests up to 100