Project Description

Executive design, work management and safety coordination for technological modernisation – facilities in the hospital complex, concerning the construction of a new cogeneration plant and the installation of a new generator of duplex steam and including the following works:

Installation in a room obtained from the disposal of a warehouse and No.2 workshops in the factory body called building 12 and also hosting the Thermal Power Plant and the customer’s offices, of No.2 endothermal cogenerators, preassembled in the factory, installation of the auxiliary systems of the cogenerators among which storage tanks renewing/exhausted oil installed outside the plant, No.2 electrodissipators for the engine/oil/intercooler circuit 1st Stadium and aftercooler circuit installed on the floor courtyard in front of floor 2 of the coge plant, Cogenerator Control Framework (QCC), No.2 trafo elevators.

Realization of fuel adduction system and passive and active fire safety systems. Realization of fumes line to serve the cogenerators and steam generator. Realization of thermofluidic plant downstream of the cogenerators and steam generator: hot water circuit (80-70 degrees), steam and water food generator; implementation of the control and control system of the COgeneration plant and its electrical systems. Update adjustment system and interface of the existing supervision system. Structural reinforcement of the premises with the construction of steel lattice structure and support piling. Distribution network to 6 steam-water sub-centrals and new BrLi lithium bromide absorber fridge supply network located near the Levant Acute Monoblock Pavilion.


Project Numbers

  • Electric power: 3,032 kWel
  • Useful thermal power: 3,140 kWt
  • Rend. Mechanical: 43.3% Rend Cogeneration. Electricity: 42.1%
  • Rendim. Thermal: 45.1%
  • Rendim. Total: 87.2%