Project Description

Hydrocarbon Flare is a device whose purpose is to burn mixtures of hydrocarbons by converting them into safer gas.

This report is responsible for the analysis of the Hydrocarbon Flare ITEM TO-7208 tip located in the ENI Refinery of Sannazzaro de’ Burgondi (Pavia) side Ferrera Erbognone.

The main focus of the study is the evaluation of flare tip performance in terms of combustion efficiency, flame shape, soot generation and load loss in steam pipes.

FEM analyses were carried out under two different operating conditions considered to be the most significant and thermally stressful.

The analysis of the entire combustion process was performed using Computational Fluyd Dynamics (CFD) 3D reactive simulations, according to the six operating conditions analysed, listed below:

  • CASE-A: operations at maximum flaring speed;
  • CASE-B: maximum smokeless combustion condition allowed;
  • CASE-C: minimum flaring condition;
  • CASE-D: Minimum conditions of molecular weight of flaring gas;
  • CASE-E: Maximum molecular weight conditions of flaring gas;
  • CASE-F: power failure condition.

Project Numbers

The 3D model was made with the SolidEdgeTM 3D design software from 2D drawings provided by the Customer