Project Description

The intervention involved the redevelopment of the air conditioning system of Block A5 of St. Bartholomew’s Hospital in Sarzana and included the installation of a new air treatment plant in coverage with increased efficiency of the UTA by means of the use of a heat retriever that exploits the energy content of the extracted air and yields it to the new external air input, while avoiding, with appropriate overpressure techniques, the possible cross-contamination of the outgoing and outgoing air excluding the use of used air recirculation. Air pipes for the various floors and new aerauliche vents have also been replaced.

The execution of all the works were directed and carried out in such a way as to consider that the operation of the Hospital was never interrupted in an absolute and global way; each activity was in fact agreed with the Health Directorate for timing and logistics, still considering it impossible not to give momentary inconveniences and/or disruptions.

Project Numbers

  • Year 2016
  • 5 floors served
  • (4 stays plus 1 laboratory / clinic)
  • Air Treatment Unit 60,000 mc/h