Project Description

The activity consisted of fluid dynamics testing of the natural gas transport and distribution network serving in several municipalities of Northern Italy. This network will be subject to a public tender for the entire province, aimed at a new allocation for the maintenance and upgrading of the network itself. The purpose of this work is therefore to analyze both the main network and the others of the province, identify the critical issues and propose the appropriate changes.

The tools used for the simulation are the Infoworks software and the Gas Network fluid network solver. The network has been rebuilt by importing the spatial and numerical data provided by the customer into Infoworks environment; Following, a calibration of the boundary conditions required for the calculation was necessary to obtain a natural gas flow consistent with that measured in the field.

The calculation was carried out both in a stationary state and simulating any emergency conditions, corresponding to the rupture of any pipe.

Project Numbers

Municipalities analysed: 10
Simulated pipes: more than 4.000
Served utilities: more than 25.000
Number of tubing class type: 4