Project Description

The intervention is part of a wider integrated project, for the redevelopment of public spaces and water fronts of the city of Savona. The Urban Park of the Extension is a place of great importance for the historical identity of the city, for its relationship with the sea and the Fortress of Priàmar. The project is shaping up as a challenge to the contemporary, in full respect of the history and identity of the place, as well as as an opportunity to renew significant parts of the city of Savona. The project enhances the identity characteristics of the place by proposing new uses, enhancing the current, making the park a place of encounter and transition between different parts of the city, in the wake of the policy of renewal of the urban image and recovery of spaces sociality, in a direct and constant relationship between the sea and the Fortress of Priamàr.

The new promenade is characterized by a long stone seat that recalls, with a continuous break, the shoreline. Our design team focused on topographical surveying and its return and preliminary and executive design of the public lighting and electricity distribution system including fountain and jousting area, relief topographical plano-altimetric of the entire space concerned and structural design service artifacts (wells and fountain).

Project Numbers

Affected area topographic relief 35’000 sqm
Illuminating bodies on stake 127
Ledstrip for 400m scenic lighting
Power and command panels No. 22