Project Description

The study carried out by ENGINTEC is part of an extensive research project related to the construction of a modular, highly efficient propeller for hybrid and electric propulsion systems in nautical field to be installed on the Grande series of shipyards Azimut.

The purpose of the work was the sizing of shovel foot and false hub, aimed at a distribution of traction loads on bolts as uniform as possible.

The procedure involved verifying a preliminary drawing, based on the results of which the appropriate changes were made in order to optimize the geometry.

Our design team developed a procedure that would import the blade’s 3D CAD model, applied its boundary conditions, performed FEM structural calculations, and post-processed the results.

The sizing of the bolts and the verification of the material of the shovel forced the use of a safety coefficient derived from the ranking registers.

Project Numbers

Helix diameter: 1400 mm

Propeller rotation speed: 514 rpm

Boat forward speed: 8.23 m/s