Project Description

The intervention refuncts the monument by reinterpreting the dual souls that distinguish it: the Church and the Fortress. The dual identity is illustrated to the visitor through an exhibition path that accompanies him to the cover from where the other fortifications of that stretch of coast with which the Fortress interacts. The project of the “new” is flanked by the existing, characterizing the variability of the architectural space that changes depending on the different uses of the monument.

ENGINTEC S.p.A. was responsible for the executive design of winter and summer air conditioning systems and electrical and lighting systems.

The architectural design of the Restoration and the design of the plant have been awarded the prestigious award of the PAI Prize 2012 in the Category Restoration and Recovery of existing buildings and the IN/ARCH-ANCE Liguria Prize 2015

Project Numbers

Built in mid-1200

Rated refrigeration potential of 30.10kW

Rating thermal potential of 34.90k

Total active power 30 kW, corresponding to an absorbed current of about 48 A with three-phase power