Project Description

The f.e.m. analysis applied to the innovative CWL (Counter Weight Less) rope handling system allows a complete definition of the tensional state to which all the components of the elevator are subjected.

During operation, the frame is subject to withstand a complex stress system.

Thanks to the analysis of the finished elements it is possible to carry out a design check of the tensions and provide a geometric optimization of the frame components without affecting their structural strength.

The analysis of the motion field was performed on a two-dimensional portion of the valve and duct, taking advantage of the geometric axisystry of the model. Several simulation runs were also run to optimize the calculation model.

Found the suitable set-up for modelling several configurations were simulated, with the aim of determining the load losses of the valve-duct set depending on the diameter of the valve and the scabredness of the surfaces.

Project Numbers

Type of analysis:

  • nonlinear structural static.


  • deformation field;
  • equivalent solicitation of Von Mises and cut;
  • safety factor,
  • Constraining reaction