Project Description

The aim of the study is to test the ventilation ducts of the “Saloon Intermediate” carriage of the new regional train “Caravaggio” made by Hitachi Rail S.p.A. for the Italian Railway Network.

First, the distribution of flow in the various compartments of the carriage was verified, applying the configuration of the partialization shutters defined by the customer.

Subsequently, the optimal configuration was defined in order to obtain the flow distributions indicated by the Customer.

The results highlighted in the design phase were as follows:

  • offset from expected flow values at the partialization shutters and, therefore, exits from the vents
  • the intermediate plan, for both : the proximity of the HVAC and the size of its power ducts, is favoured in terms of air flow.

The CFD simulation made it possible to adjust the design of the HVAC system to achieve the expected results of the customer.

Project Numbers

Length 136.84m

seats 656 plus 2 wheel-chaired

Power max 3400 kW

Speed 160 km/h