Project Description

Restoration of the Monumental Complex of Sa’ad al-Saltaneh (), a large caravanserai built since 1785 in the city of Qazvin, a town about 160 km from Tehran and former capital of the Islamic Republic of IRAN.

ENGINTEC S.p.A. was responsible for:

  • Preliminary and executive design of summer and winter air conditioning system (centralized system with double flame absorber with lithium bromide) to serve the common areas and the individual commercial units that make up the caravansary.
  • Preliminary and executive design of the public lighting and electricity distribution system public parts and private stores.
  • Preliminary and executive design of the air extraction system of public toilets in service of the monumental complex.

Project Numbers

Covered area of approximately 6,906 sqm

Built since about 1785

Two portions of bazaar complex of the floor area in plan equal to about 1,500 square meters and 1,599 sqm

Portion of complex used as a museum area of the planted surface equal to about 662 square meters